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L’Officiel Lithuania

Fashion editorial published in L’Officiel Lithuania. The title “Avoiding” is a a clue for the story told on the photoshoot. The model never looks right into the camera. All of us has that time, when we want to hide, we feel alone and sad. We avoid looking into others eyes. We want to figure out ourselfs. The closing portrait is the only one, where the model looks at us and gives a smile – it is the personal statement of the author, that we all need that time of being lonely in our life to find an answers and a way out of it.

model: Magdalena Maciejewska | Rebel Models

style: Sylwia Morawska

make-up: Patrycja Piechówka

hair: Izabela Świrkowska

photography asisstant: Tomasz Pawlus | Studio Jasna Sprawa

photography, creative concept: Ann Czerny

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