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Exhibited at “Powidoki” Gallery (MUSEUM ON THE VISTULA Warsaw)

My work made for #Sexedpl and Vogue Poland photography contest, to support extremely important topic of sexual education in Poland. All this is happening, thanks to the amazing and brave Anja Rubik founder of #Sexedpl. The idea of her movement is to promote the awareness and knowledge of one of the most beautiful and important aspect of our lives - sexuality, save sex and acceptance.

My photographies talk about different genders and variety in sexuality among humans. I wanted to force people to think and ask themselves „what is sexuality?”. Is it my Identity? Is it my biological build? Is it really so obvious? What allows me to tell that somebody is man or a woman? Those questions are true problems in investigating our nature.

models: Michał Wojtanowicz, Marta Kononienko

concept, set design, photography: Ann Czerny

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